hound gallery 1
All of my hound art is inspired by my lifelong love of the sighthounds of the world. As a young adult I had two borzoi, who were delightful and beautiful companions. I currently share my life and journey with two retired racing greyhounds (Gryffin and Sorsha) and three Italian greyhounds (Merlin, Luna and Willow). They are sweet, beautiful, and wonderful company. I am very proud to support animal rescue (four of my current dogs are rescues), and 10% of all my hound art proceeds is donated to either greyhound or Italian greyhound rescue.

Thank you for helping me help the hounds!
"Hello Up There"
acrylic on canvas
20x16" - $355
"Can't Catch Me"
"Waiting For You"
acrylic on canvas
16x20" - $355
"Greyhound Holidays"
acrylic on canvas
"Let's Play"
acrylic on canvas
A note about these greyhound images:
It doesn't show on web photos, but the paint I use to make these tannish colored hounds is a metallic gold paint that looks much like gold leaf. The paint actually has crushed mica in it to give it a shine like real metal. These hounds are truly much better in person! I guarantee it!
"Blue Greyhound"
"Running Free"
acrylic on canvas
12x12" - $155