painting gallery 2
"Ocean's Freedom"
24x20" - $535
"Yellow Essence"
24x18" - $475
"Stellae in Blue"
"Study in Brown"
24x18" - $475
"Fenced In"
24x18" - $475
Red Bloom
12x9" - $125
"Modern Victorian"
24x20" - $535
"By the Water"
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the artist
I made all the paintings on this page while visiting with my parents in Maryland. The only downside to traveling fulltime in my RV is the lack of space in which to work. It can be done, but I sure enjoyed spreading out in their apartment while I was there. My canvases were everywhere, and I created more new work than I could have dreamed in such a short time. My mom turns out to be a fabulous reviewer. Every comment turned out to be helpful, so, thanks Mom!